Top 10 Great Curry Recipes (2024)

Indian food has been on the rise within the food hall of fame from amateur chefs to gastronomic, Michelin Star restaurants throughout the world. The infinite spices, the naan, the ghee, the balti, the perfectly balanced heat versus deliciousness that even with a little cold sweat one still has many more mouthfuls; a curry night never disappoints. From the Tamil word ‘Kari’, meaning ‘spiced sauce’, comes this catch-all term, used to refer to any number of hot, spicy, sauce-based dishes of east Indian origin.

The great thing about curries is that there aren’t overly complex. Just maybe a couple of trial and error but so rewarding in your kitchen. Give it a go. Here are the Top 10 Great Curries for you.

1. Coconut Red Curry Pork Burgers

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Curried Pork Burgers, who has never made a delicious home-made burger before? Spice up the old habits and turn your burger into a delicious Indian coconut red curry patty. Great when served with pickled cucumber (in this recipe slaw) and red curry sauce. If you’re brave enough, make a naan it isn’t that complicated to do. Perfect as a starter and great for grilling on the barbecue. The meat can be replaced with any other meat from mouton to lamb to chicken to beef. A veggie option would be to replace the meat with chickpeas and burnt eggplant.

2. Indian Meatball Curry

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Yes, we always associate meatballs with a ball of spaghetti on the side but, have you ever wondered how curried meatballs would be like. If you have a dinner party to plan for, make sure to try this recipe out. You will be the talk of the town. Little spicy and juicy masala meatballs served with curry sauce that won’t take a day in the kitchen. What’s great about this recipe is that they’re all gluten free. So more space for other things too!

3. Spicy Chicken Masala Curry

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Masala now is the household name that inspired the world wherever on the globe. Nothing beats and says more than a spicy chicken masala curry. This has to be one the greatest ever dishes in the Indian cusine. This is a traditional meal you’ll find on most restaurant’s menus quick and easy to do. Sometimes you can get away with cutting corners when cooking, but in this instant, the spices you use are terribly important and no corners can be cut. If you are lucky enough to have a spiced market near you, then I strongly suggest that you have a detour. If time permits, marinate your chicken overnight.

4. Aromatic Aloo Methi Curry

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Aloo is another strong household name. Literally means potatoes. You will be surprised to know that most Indians are indeed vegetarians with respect to the planet. If not, they will have one day in the week where it is simply forbidden to eat meat. Vegetarianism in Indian dates from thousands of years. It isn’t a trend, it’s their way of life. By no surprise this recipe ticks so many boxes. It’s filling, it’s super tasty. Make sure to turn your kitchen into a mini spiced specialist shop and your off to being able to cook most Indian dishes.

5. Maharashtrian Prawns Curry

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Off to the western coast, where you’ll find a fabulous jhinga recipe, the Maharashtrian prawn curry. Also, a place where you will have the most coconut base food on offer. This truly is a stunning piece of food engineering from the garam masala to the turmeric, the ginger, coriander etc.…all the ingredients in one bowl enough to question you on why cook anything else. Best eaten with a side of fluffy basmati rice and naan bread.

6. Moru Kaalan With Kumbalanga – Ashgourd Yogurt Curry

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Southwest this time still on the tropical Malabar Coast where you will find many seafood dishes, Kerala in the state of Kochi; palm tree lined beaches and backwaters. We have here the Moru Kaallan curry with Kumbalanga, yogurt, and ashgourd curry. This curry is traditionally served with rice on the side but also great to accompany seafood grilled dishes or simply as a dip.

7. Pumpkin Coconut Curry with Indian flavors

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A winter, seasonal kind of stew pumpkin curry, what else to warm one up. This dish has it all; sweetness from the pumpkin, earthiness from the moong dal, and spiciness from the chilis. Once again, a coconut-based dish that marries everything up so well and is so balanced. Simple and easy to do but very rewarding. Best eaten with a mixed vegetable Indian style rice with a pinch of saffron at the last minute.

9. Spicy Brinjal Aubergine Curry

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Spicy Brinjal Aubergine curry will fool anyone thinking this dish has meat in it. It’s genuinely brilliant and very meaty (without the meat). It has iron, minerals boasting huge flavors. From the aubergines to the spices, this dish has it all. Perfectly served with a Roti bread or indeed steamed basmati. It’s one of many classics from the country and for those seeking flavors above all.

9. Spicy Kielbasa, Tomato and Chili Curry

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Kielbasa is one of those sausages that will make you return to for any purpose, a meal or as a snack in front of a good movie. Originally from Poland and made from both pork and beef with the likes of marjoram, cloves with smoked notes added to it – perfect for this curry recipe. What better ways to unite cultures together but through cooking? You’ll find this tomato and chili curry one of those that you’ll end up making once a week.

10. Gobi Cauliflower Masala Curry

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We did say India had a wide range of vegetarian curries so let’s end on a high note. Gobi or cauliflower is perfect with this restaurant-worthy masala curry type stew recipe. Easy to do and can also be changed to an aloo recipe by swapping the cauliflower with potatoes. Perfect if you’re also making a biryani dish for your guests.

Top 10 Great Curry Recipes (2024)


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