The Outer Banks Locations | Netflix Versus The Real OBX (2024)

Netflix's show Outer Banks has been renewed for a 4th season.

In case you hadn’t heard, the new “Outer Banks Netflix show, based on actual east coast barrier islands, has gained popularity around the world. The show while not filmed in the OBX, is based onadventure novels in combination with the surrounding NC coastal area's history and lore. To quickly break down the plot, this teen drama follows a group of friends as they hunt for answers about one character’s missing father and a buried treasure along the coastal Outer Banks of North Carolina. The show focuses on the group’s ringleader, John B. and three of his friends, all while being chased by the law, becoming involved in romantic entanglements, and overcoming obstacles of friendship, money, piracy, and a social divide of the rich and poor. While not filmed in Dare County, the show nods to the real Outer Banks and we can all agree that spending endless days sun-soaked on the beach with friends and no cares in the world sounds pretty great right now.

  1. Dare County vs. Kildare County

Dare County, North Carolina is the eastern most county in the state with more than 100 miles of shoreline stretching from the Northern Beaches to Roanoke Island to Hatteras Island. The county is named afterVirginia Dare, the first child born in the Americas to English parents, who was born in what is now Dare County. Kildare County from the show, is a mash-up ofour county namewiththe town of Kill Devil Hills. TheOuter Banks, or OBX shorthand, includes six towns and nine villages, each with their own distinct personality and charm.

The Outer Banks Locations | Netflix Versus The Real OBX (1)

The Outer Banks Locations | Netflix Versus The Real OBX (2)

'Outer Banks' Netflix show introduction sign (top) versus real OBX welcome sign in Manteo, NC (bottom).

  1. Shaped by wind & water

The Outer Banks Netflix show’s depiction of OBX as a bustling little community that’s pedestrian friendly, fueled by tourism and surrounded by marshes, sand and water is mostly accurate. Just park and explore on foot the towns waterfront boardwalks or marinas with lots of outdoor dining opportunities and a host of locally owned fun and funky shops with armloads of jewelry, art and coastal gifts and decor. Dig a little deeper and you'll find a well-rooted commercial fishing heritage, where generations of local families have lived off of the Outer Banks waters in the same fashion for as long as anyone can remember, harvesting the freshest fish, crab and shellfish for local restaurants and home-cooking.

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The Outer Banks Locations | Netflix Versus The Real OBX (4)

'Outer Banks' show coastal dining (top) versus Nags Head Pier waterfront dining& happy hour (bottom).

  1. Shipwrecks

In the show, John B.’s missing father spent the last 20 years of his life searching for a lost treasure and just after a recent hurricane passes through, the group of friends find a shipwreck containing another clue to help solve this lifelong hunt.

The real Outer Banks of North Carolina has a reputation of being the Graveyard of the Atlantic, and there are estimates approaching 3,000 shipwrecks along the islands, going back to the first English settlements in America. While these wrecks are not host to treasure, they are rich in history and marine life. Today, you can find shipwrecks periodically uncovered on the beach, but for snorkel and scuba diving, there’s no place better on the East Coast. From the “Triangle Wrecks” just off Kill Devil Hills, or theHuronoff Nags Head, to the deeper water German U-boat dives, begin planning how deep to go, starting here.

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The Outer Banks Locations | Netflix Versus The Real OBX (6)

'Outer Banks' show shipwreck (top) versus real Graveyard of the Atlantic scuba diving shipwreck (bottom).

  1. Lighthouses

We won’t give away all the spoilers of the show, but after John B. and his friends find a one word clue from the shipwreck -- “Redfield,” they immediately head over to the (fictional) Redfield Lighthouse.

People love lighthouses not only on tv but on the Outer Banks because these beacons are amongst the most tireless. You have theCape Hatteras Lighthousethat is the tallest in America and arguably the most recognized lighthouse in the world. And then you have the Bodie Island Lighthousein Nags Head that’s been here longer than any of us alive today, and they’re both still keeping watch.

The OBX’s newest lighthouse can be found on the Manteo downtown waterfront, theRoanoke Marshes Lighthouse. It’s a replica of ahistoric screwpile lighthouse that marked a safe channel for sailing and steaming the so-named shallow wetlands that once lay between Roanoke Island and the mainland.

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The Outer Banks Locations | Netflix Versus The Real OBX (8)

'Outer Banks' Netflix Redfield Lighthouse (top)versus real Bodie Island Lighthouse in Nags Head (bottom).

  1. Ferry

While there is no ferry between the OBX and Chapel Hill like on the Netflix series, we do have accessible ferries for visitors. As we're surrounded by water, the main islands of the Outer Banks are accessible and connected by bridges or reachable by ferry. Traveling by ferry is a convenient and popular mode of transportation on the Outer Banks when you want to visit neighboring Ocraco*ke Island.The Hatteras to Ocraco*ke Ferry is free and the ride is about 60 minutes long. For a complete look at the NC DOT Ferry service schedules and fares, please visit here.

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The Outer Banks Locations | Netflix Versus The Real OBX (10)

'Outer Banks' Netflix ferry (top) versus the real Hatters Island to Ocraco*ke Ferry (bottom).

Whether you are searching for a buried treasure or looking to spend your free time on stretches of sandy beaches, OBX marks the spot for your next adventure. Find places to stay and more things to do by downloading our FREE Travel Guide.

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The Outer Banks Locations | Netflix Versus The Real OBX (2024)


The Outer Banks Locations | Netflix Versus The Real OBX? ›

Filming location: Although Kildare is an imagined place, the Outer Banks

Outer Banks
Locke & Key

Much like Outer Banks, there's no shortage of daddy issues on this show. While Locke & Key — a three-season fantasy horror show based on the comic book series of the same name — leans more heavily into the supernatural than Outer Banks, both series are grounded in family. › articles › shows-like-outer-banks
are real barrier islands in North Carolina home to coastal sites including Dare County and the town of Kill Devil Hills. However, the series films primarily around Charleston, South Carolina.

Was any of Outer Banks actually filmed in Outer Banks? ›

Instead, the Outer Banks production was moved south into South Carolina and was filmed around Charleston, which became the main town of Kildare, complete with a more affluent and less fortunate side of town to mirror the characters in the show.

Is OBX the same as Outer Banks? ›

Dare County vs.

Kildare County from the show, is a mash-up of our county name with the town of Kill Devil Hills. The Outer Banks, or OBX shorthand, includes six towns and nine villages, each with their own distinct personality and charm.

Where in Outer Banks does OBX take place? ›

There actually isn't even a real Kildare County in North Carolina. The name of the fictional county where OBX takes place is a combination of Dare County and Kill Devil Hills.

Is the real Outer Banks anything like the show? ›

Many aspects of the show also pay tribute to the real Outer Banks, including the county where the Pogues live, Kildare County: a mix of Dare County, which makes up most of the Outer Banks, and the town of Kill Devil Hills.

Where is tannyhill in real life? ›

In reality Tanneyhill Plantation is set at South Carolina's Lowndes Grove, a luxurious 14 acre property and wedding venue. Scenes featuring water were typically filmed at Mount Pleasant's Shem Creek, while The Wreck, a real restaurant in the same area is used as the restaurant Kiara works in, also named The Wreck.

Where is John B's house located in real life? ›

But Internet sleuths have deduced that John B's house, where the Pogues stake their claim, is probably situated on James Island, where the Post and Courier reported a “beach shack” was used.

Why was Outer Banks not filmed in Outer Banks? ›

The series primarily films around Charleston, South Carolina. Prior to season 1, Netflix passed on filming in North Carolina due to House Bill 2, a bill with anti-LGBTQ language.

Is Kooks and Pogues a real thing? ›

As Nultemeier tells me, the term "Pogue" isn't anything people in the Outer Banks use. "That's a full on Hollywood thing," he says. And obviously, the word kook is old surfing slang, but it's not used specifically to refer to rich people in the Outer Banks.

Where is Sarah Cameron's house in Outer Banks? ›

And we can't stop dreaming about the Cameron family's historic home. It turns out, the fictional Cameron estate is actually Lowndes Grove, an 18th-century country home-turned-event-venue that hosts some of South Carolina's most picturesque weddings.

Why is Outer Banks called OBX? ›

He was told the ACK stood for Nantucket and that visitors immediately put them on their cars to let people know they've been to the island. He used the same European design of the Nantucket decal and added an “X” to show the plural for “Banks.” He started selling OBX stickers in 1994 and later formed OBX Inc.

What does OBX stand for? ›

The letters OBX are short for “Outer Banks” which is a chain of barrier islands located off the coast of North Carolina.

Can you drive to the Outer Banks? ›

The Outer Banks area is located on the coast of North Carolina and can be accessed by car from several different points. The easiest way to reach them is via US-64, which runs all the way from Raleigh to Manteo.

Are kooks and pogues real in Outer Banks? ›

Fiction: Pogues & Kooks

This is one of the main discrepancies between the show Outer Banks and the actual place, Outer Banks. Residents here are all pretty much the same.

Do the Outer Banks cast actually surf? ›

Most of the stunts were done by the cast, and they had to go through a few weeks of boating, diving, swimming, surfing, and some boxing training before filming began. Also, Madison Bailey had to go through a few ukulele lessons.

Is figure 8 in the Outer Banks real? ›

While the show takes place between two sections of Kildare Island, The Cut and Figure Eight, these are not real places in OBX. According to the Wilmington Star News, a local North Carolina newspaper, Kildare Island is “a hat tip to the real town of Kill Devil Hills in Dare County on the Outer Banks.”

Why didn t they film Outer Banks in NC? ›

Netflix originally was slated to film “Outer Banks” in Wilmington from the onset. Yet, it pulled from the state due to its support of House Bill 2 — dubbed the “Bathroom Bill,” to the dismay of those it affected, transgender people who had to utilize the bathroom as assigned by their birth certificates.

Where is JJ's house located Outer Banks? ›

It's actually not located in the Outer Banks. It's not called Tannehill Plantation either. Called Lounge Grove. and it's located in Charleston, South Carolina.

Do any celebrities live in Outer Banks? ›

The Outer Banks' most beloved celebrity resident was actor Andy Griffith, famous for his roles on The Andy Griffith Show, A Face in the Crowd, and Matlock, to name a few. Andy lived on Roanoke Island and was often seen at the Ace Hardware, local restaurants, or the Island Pharmacy.


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